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5 romantic destinations for a weekend

When you have the entire world at your feet, which place would you choose to take your lover, your partner, your one and only? We have a few suggestions that will make you book your flight right away.

The best thing about Paris

Oh, we’d take up your entire day just telling you why you should pack your bags and run away to Paris. You can eat as many pain au chocolat as you want, walk along the Seine and lose yourself in the marvelous aroma that the city whispers at each corner. Drink a Parisian coffee in a sidewalk cafe to admire the electrifying vibe that pours on the streets. The Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, all the art galleries at the Louvre are must-seen masterpieces. Have we mentioned Notre Dame or the goody goody hunting at Marché aux Puces de Montreuil or the mesmerising show displayed at the Moulin Rouge, so, oh so very close to La Basilique du Sacré-Cœur de Montmartre?

Hearing the French language spoken everywhere will make you both feel as if you were in a romantic movie, nominated for an Oscar, or if you had won a Gala bingo promo code. On your route to happiness, make sure that you pass by the arches at Place des Vosges, where a harpist or an opera singer might amaze with a spontaneous show.

Very similar to New York’s High Line, the promenade Plantée is filled with flowers, silence and calm during spring time – keep in mind that it also works great as a romantic hideaway.

Paris romantic

2. What Italians know best

Music, pizza, festivals? Hmmm, you’re almost right. Italians really know a thing or two about romance. And if you need proof, head to Venice this weekend and be amazed by a world complete different to any other worlds you’ve seen before. Make your partner fall in love with you once again – and in Venice, this will happen every single day.

Once you get there, everything will work like a magnet for your hearts: the waterfront palazzos, the churches and the operas with their musical fantasy. It will be so difficult to kiss goodbye the gondolas and the delicious food Italians brag about. Go to Piazza San Marco and soak up the atmosphere, and don’t leave Venice without trying the local sparkling Proseccos, chocolates or wines. Visiting the domes of the Basilica San Marco or exploring the Dorsoduro district with all those narrow streets and canals have to be on your list.


3. Mexico and its unique stories

If tropical places are for you, then Cancun comes first on your list of romantic escapades. Sip tequila and learn its history and routes at the Museo Sensorial del Tequila, or just lay on the beach and breathe in the tropical breeze that caresses the Mayan ruins so very gently.

Among Cancun’s gems, we must mention the Lobster Dinner Tour, the Nichupte Lagoon, El Paraiso Tulum, the Island of Women and the North Beach. Explore nature at Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, Puerto Morelos National Reef Park or Cenote Dos Ojos.

Cancun Mexico

4. Every place’s rival – Jamaica

There is absolutely nothing that the Jamaican sun can’t fix and solve. Imagine you and your lover relaxing your feet in the smoothest sand in the world. Imagine both of you discovering the land’s forests and mountains through a memorable hiking experience. Imagine that you dance till dawn on reggae rhythms. Shopping, snorkeling or just simply doing nothing in the sun (don’t forget to get fit before the trip) are also things you have to try out in Jamaica.

Here, nature unleashes in front of you and invites lovers of all kind in its universe: don’t miss a chance to take a picture of both of you at Frenchman’s Cove, near Port Antonio. Visit a working coffee plantation, Line Tree Farm, and Dunn’s River Falls, the rustic bar The Pelican, and the Emancipation Park.


5. Greece, where love was invented

Corfu is that sort of place where you will definitely want to return as soon as you have to get ready to leave it. Corfu’s nightlife is the most exhilarating and fantastic ever. Whitewashed houses look after the city’s 37 churches, the Greek temples, and all of the ancient streets that open up to you so quietly and delicately. Take your lover to Old Perithia, a deserted village abandoned in the 60s, to Paleokastritsa, a coastal town surrounded by cliffs and steep slopes and to the Palace of St. Michael and St. George – the home to the Museum of Asian Art, which is dedicated to the Indian and the Far East style art.


It’s true that, regardless of where you’ll be going next, you’ll have the time of your life just because you’ll be with your lover. Even if you end up in a small village from Denmark, on a cold, snowy night, it will be a lovely, romantic holiday without kids. However, if you guys plan to relax and chill and kiss endlessly, then go for one these places we mentioned, and fall for each other once again – as you did in that first moment you met. And, in a few years, you can take the children with you to show them where your romance has started.


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