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5 ways to make your child smarter

Who doesn’t want smart kids? Clever, bright ones that will make other children fade away in comparison? As incredible as it may sound, there are a few tricks you can try to make your child smarter.

1. Music and languages

It is scientifically proven that music helps children increase their IQ, and, in time, their academic achievements. Whether you pay for piano, violin or guitar lessons, or put on some classic music in your kids’ room, it is a great idea. Their well-being is the most important thing to take into consideration, and if you can set them up for a happy life right from their early stages, then go for it. It is such an easy tip to follow. On the other hand, it will also animate your house and will make your heart melt when you go to your children’s first musical recital or show with a Bet365 bonuskod.

Also, it never hurts having them learn a second language, even before puberty as their learning ability reaches its peak then. Try French, Italian or Spanish perhaps – anything really. They will become masters in fluency and pronunciation, and all the more so, they will thank you later.
Kids ballroom

2. Books

Try not to read bedtime stories to your kids, instead encourage them to participate in this activity. As soon as they start discovering letters and numbers, make them read along with you. Their attention span will expand, their reading skills will visibly improve. Show them the words, and be patient. Allow them to take their own time to spell it and read it. This way, they will engage in the story, point at the pictures, memorise characters and actually “live the story”. It is recommended to spend at least 10 minutes of reading per day. Your kids will grow up in a world dominated by social media, so it is very important to spark their appetite for books.

The importance of reading

3. Play time, sleep time

Learning is not just a one-hour activity per day. It is a forever ongoing process, so don’t go the extra mile to buy all the games and puzzles in the world to give your kids. Let them play and enjoy their childhood. Happiness and positive thinking play a huge role in his mental development. Here, you need to find the balance between bedtime, playground fun and homework. Naps help kids retain information and prepare them for another day of hectic adventures. Put them to bed early, and make sure they follow regular bedtimes and get at least eleven hours of sleep or ten hours if they are over 12 years old.
Playing kids

4. The importance of sports

Let them go wild and choose a fun activity that’s good not only for their brain, but for their body and health as well. As soon as they enroll in a sports activity, their enthusiasm for learning and finding out new things will increase by even 20%. Playing a competitive game will help them do better in school, and become more organised and calculated, more willing to accept rigorous schedules they’ll come across in school. Stimulating their body and their senses will raise their self-esteem level and confidence, as well.

5. Make them laugh

A bad mood or a stressful day can vanish away in a blink of an eye if you’re focused on the positiveness. Your children need happy atmosphere and a relaxed medium to feel at ease, always eager to soak up new things. Sing them a song, play with them, tell jokes and explore the world together. Show them around and organise small surprises that will astonish them. It doesn’t have to be a trip to Las Vegas, it can be a spontaneous runaway to a park nearby, on a sunny day, with the entire family on a Tuesday afternoon. Creating lovely memories for them will help their mind feed their imagination and hunt for more great stuff.

Children laughing

Kids are curious human beings, always on the lookout, always smelling around and tracking down new, fresh experiences. You only need to give them a boost, a cue as in where to search. Stimulating their mind’s eye is one of the best tricks that you can adopt to make your kids smarter. Try to reduce to a minimum the time they spend in front of the television, but don’t be too strict – prohibiting everything will make them less happy, so you might want to keep an eye on the boundaries you’re building up.


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