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Choosing a sport for your child : individual or collective ?

It is a man’s joy to watch his children grow. During the children’s development, more often than not, they are bound to be attracted to certain sports. These sports contribute immensely to a child’s growth. Apart from improving a child’s physical fitness, sports also develop other qualities such as team building, responsibility and build confidence.

Identifying a sport for one’s child could prove to be difficult a task. Children interests tend to change as they grow up. They acquire new skills thus taking up new sports and abandoning others. This is also affected by their change of perception of what is cool and what is not.

Your kid’s choice, not yours

There are a wide variety of sports to choose from ranging from basketball, football, dancing and many others. It important to identify a child’s personality and their interests when helping them choose a sport. It would be detrimental to them trying to force your favorite sport on them. The best way is to expose a child to the different choices of sporting activities out there and letting them choose with your guidance.

A child could be guided into participating in a collective or individual sport depending on their strengths. Ideally it would be better if you guided your children to try out team sports while still pursuing individual ones. This can help build team work and leadership which are invaluable skills applicable throughout life. An individual sport on the other hand could help build resilience and dedication.

Is there a best age ?

The best age to introduce a child to as sport is as early as six to seven years. This age is particularly important to children participating in team sports. This ensures that they don’t feel out of place while with other children. It also at this stage that they are ready to learn a sport and the skills required for that sport while still putting emphasis on having fun.

A sport offers the chance for a child to grow into responsible, mature and healthy adult. Skills acquired are invaluable throughout their lives. It helps keep the family together by attending practice session and competitions as well. Most of these practice sessions and competitions happen during the weekend and can be a great recreation for the family.

It also open a lot of doors as they offer your child the opportunity to travel and make new acquaintances. There are also a lot of sports scholarships offered by colleges and universities. Finally it might turn out to be the child’s career.

Be careful with competition

Aspects such as the sport’s trainer or coach’s approach towards the sport and children is an important determining factor for what sport to choose for your child. Is the emphasis on competition, creating superb players and winning trophies and accolades, or on developing skills, ensuring teamwork and having some fun? It is important to choose a sport imparting good qualities to your child, like football or bingo with 888.

Also it is important to identify whether the program welcomes children who are new to the sport. Look for programs that welcome and encourage new children, regardless of their age or skill they have. Leagues for instance do not put much emphasis on age and works towards improving skills.

Coach sports kids


Cost should also be factored in while making your decision. A child participating in a sport is not a cheap task for the family, she may need to travel out of town and to purchase sporting equipment which may require a lot of money, for example ice hockey or even tennis. This creates the need for expansive research to be carried out. If you find out that a certain sport might strain your budget, it would be wise to angle your child away from it.

Encourage your kid !

Also it is important to identify what success is for the child so as to encourage them. For some winning is what defines success and this might cause the child unnecessary pressure. What should be important is for the child to have fun.

After identifying and choosing the right sport for your child it is important to have them try it out to determine their level of prowess and their chances of thriving in the sport. Some children might be good at a sport from the first day while others require constant practice and encouragement. The child might also realize that that particular sport is not what is best for them thus turning to an alternative sport early enough.

What about abandoning ?

One has to set ground rules for the child. Clearly state how long it should take them to commit to the sport. It is important to let them know that abandoning a sport midway, especially a team sport, could be harmful for the institution and the team. Quitting a sport midway leaves the team at an awkward position of having to look for a replacement. It is also important for you to be the role model and the constant source of support for the child. Also be a coach to your child, help them know what good sportsmanship is, what it means to be disciplined, and to give credit where its due and be polite towards fellow teammates and the opponents as well.


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