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Being a family man and an entrepreneur: possible?

Being in two places at the same time is extremely hard. Having a family and spending time with them requires the same dedication as owing a business. Is it possible to have it both?

It is a dream to be our own boss and run our own business. And, leaving aside that not everyone is cut to be an entrepreneur, there are lots of benefits to grow a business out of your hobby and passion. But no matter how much you love what you do and how successful you are, you can’t neglect your family. “Win some, lose some” shouldn’t apply to this situation. Even if you’re working from home, if you are constantly focused on your laptop, phone calls and ongoing projects, you can’t really say that you’re 100% present.


Stay committed to your business without forgetting whom are waiting for you after work hours with open arms. Sacrificing family time for business purposes can only be permitted if it’s an urgent project of some sort. Your family is counting on you, and as important as money are, it doesn’t worth it if you end up losing your loved ones. It’s easier said than done, but try to disconnect from work whenever you close your laptop at night. Disconnect so you can connect with your home or play with a Sky Vegas promo code.

Dad with kids

Your lover wants to feel you’re there, body and soul, when you’re not working. Family activities and little getaways should always stay on the list – especially during the weekends. Of course it is more demanding to run your own business as all the pressure is on your shoulders. If you don’t control everything that’s going on there, nobody will. Work can feel like a daily struggle just because it’s all on you, so it can become a struggle to balance family life with work.

After all, it is also a matter of priorities. What’s more important to you? Recognition, money, success or a peaceful family life? Are you a real family man? Any career-focused person, important CEO or influential business owner wants to spend some quality-time with his family, but it all comes down to how much time gets dedicated to your home, holiday time spent together to and how much to your company. You can say that it’s a choice that we all take in life.

Or business?

The perks of being there with your family shouldn’t get confused with the perks of having your own schedule and work freedom. The ideal situation is to have the best of both worlds, but compromises are called for in a way or another. Be that as it may, these compromises can’t be as big as giving up one of these two most important things for you. On one hand you have your passion, your “thing” that gets your heart tickling, you have your dreams and goals. And, on the other hand, you have your family, the partner you want to spend your rest of your life with and your beautiful kids that live up to you.


If you manage not to miss out on the most valuable moments both with your family and within your business, you can really find an equilibrium between the two. Not all of your days will be thrilling and enjoyable, and small stumbling blocks will get in the way, but in general, you always have to take a moment and think what’s the next step and how do you make sure that nobody will suffer because of it, not your family and not your business. This way, your family will become part of what you do because they will boost you with energy and they’ll be one of the reasons you’re pursuing your dreams. If you’re happy, they’re happy. It’s a circle.

If you let them, they will give you the courage you need in your work to try new things, to go and look for new opportunities, and whenever you’ll find yourself in a catch-22 situation, they will be there to comfort you, and to tell you to keep moving. Your family understands the tension and stress a company can create, and you will need to be as understandable as they are.

If you have determination and patience, if you explain all you’re going through (during your most busy days) to your family, they will become your support. Communicating with them and letting them know that you think of them are key to a good family-business life balance.


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