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Getting married: 10 things that will change for the rest of your life

As soon as you tie the knot, change takes place. It goes without saying, your previous bachelor life is replaced by a shared life with a partner whom, if lucky, you’ll enjoy for the rest of your life. But what does exactly change?

Even if you’ve been with your partner for many years before, after you say that famous “I do”, things start happening and your life enters a new highway. It may seem like a slower highway, with several new restrictions from the ones you used to have before, but it’s not. It is as swift and supersonic as before – with a new touch to it. All in all, what are those 10 things that will change for the rest of your life after you walk down the aisle?

1. Your relationship with your partner

She will become your official one. At first, you’ll giggle when you’ll introduce her to your friends, you’ll be proud every time you say she is your beloved one. Make sure that that feeling stays the same. Make sure you won’t let your marriage certificate ruin that for you. It’s very easy to fall in the mundane trap, where you take for granted the greatest things in your life. Change is not a bad thing. You’ll relationship will evolve and transform from a wild, lustful love into an intimate and strong bond that nothing can tear apart.

2. Your relationships

Of course, it will be slightly difficult to maintain the same rhythm and lifestyle you had before your wedding day. Going out with friends and coming home after 2 days will hardly be a good choice. Your soon Las Vegas parties will transform into a Las Vegas trip with your children. The skeptic ones say that you’ll start losing friends who aren’t in a long-term relationship, that now have different hobbies and interests than you. But we believe that true friends stay true, no matter the changes that occur in your calendar.

3. Your wallet situation

Once you find your match, and you’re like two seeds in a pod, nothing else matters and everything else becomes easier. All the stuff you’ll do, you’ll do together. You’ll split not only the great things, but the rest as well. For example, you will start spending for two, but at the same time, you will start saving for two also. Whenever it’s a win, it’s a win-win. But try and keep enjoying alone moments, like when you bet on your favourite games with a William Hill promo code.

Married couple

4. Your way of looking at the world

It’s not just that some of your friends will look at you differently and think that now you’re “taken”, but you’ll look at the world differently as well. Married, you’ll find yourself in a secure universe, where there’s hope and optimism, and big future plans – shared plans.

5. Your present

Just by saying that you’ll need time to accommodate and adapt to your new status doesn’t mean that it’s a bad thing. Quite the contrary. It will be fun to see how your way of life will comply with your partner’s, how you’ll harmonise each other to start a family together, and prepare yourselves for this lifetime journey ahead. Enjoy the present as if it’s no such thing as the future because time will fly so fast that soon you’ll hear yourself asking the “where have these years gone by?” question.

6. Your future

Inevitably, your future will be shaped by what your partner and you decide, and where life takes you both. However, putting aside the unexpected events, you’re mind will have a broader, forward-looking spirit. You’ll be backed-up and you’ll support each other in your next endeavours (holidays with your children, perhaps). Now, of course, if you won’t be planning on having kids, your future will be filled with other great things you envisage together.

7. Your dreams, and objectives

Whatever you wanted and wished for before the “I do” will change – maybe not radically (it always depends on the dream), but your goals will be sculpted by your partner’s goals as well. Your dreams become one now, and you’ll have to take this into consideration.

Happy couple

8. Your health condition

Besides your family and mom, you’ll have another person worrying about your health, and about being in shape. You’ll be treated with care and love, and you’ll need to cherish that by reciprocating the same treatment of love. It’s simple. It’s what happens with mutual love.

9. Your time

When you were single, private moments and quality time with yourself were the norm. After marriage, those won’t be as frequent as before. For a healthy relationship, give each other space and breathing periods when you both catch your breath and take life as it is.

10. Your everyday

The routine you created for yourself will slowly transform itself into a new routine. You’ll pick up new things to do regularly, from a complete new wardrobe, new morning times to new vocal tics maybe. It will be different. Different, but good.

Yes, marriage does change lots of things for you, but changes should be welcomed with open arms as they bring a fresh boost to who we are and they help us develop our personality more, and discover ourselves with the help of somebody else, who loves us at the same time. Being married is like having the best friendship in the world, for life.


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