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How to lose weight without (too much) effort?

Losing weight has always been a challenge for the majority of people dreaming to have a perfect body. But this process doesn’t necessarily has to be a struggle because there are healthy methods you can use to lose weight with less effort.

First of all, you have to understand that each individual has a different metabolism, so following other people’s diets might prove useless after a while. Genetics have a big say in our body’s behaviour and ignoring it will only make us lose time, not weight. You must learn how your body interacts with food, and how food affects your lifestyle. For example, there are 3,500 calories in one pound and if you consume 2,000 in one day, you’ll have to know how to calculate your daily calories for each meal so that you reduce to a minimum the extra ones that make you gain weight.

1. Choose to exercise

Nothing works best than exercising and training your muscles, vivifying and strengthening them. Every time you exercise, it’s like drinking from an energy fountain. Not only your body will refresh and boost itself, but your mind as well. Burn down all your calories by picking an activity that you love: running, swimming, pilates, gym sessions or just simply have a 10-minute break from your routine and do some push-ups in your living room (using solely a fitness app).

Little breaks go a long way also: walk to work (if it’s not terribly far), say no to the elevator and take the stairs (anywhere you go), buy a bike and discover your city while listening to your favourite tunes or playing casino with Stan James.


2. Drink a lot (of water)

Liquids help your body hydrate, but not all of them. Stop consuming the ones that are filled with empty calories: alcoholic beverages, sodas, fruit juices are a no go. They can even slow down your metabolism, which is just another obstacle in your way. And take it easy, step by step. When you have to give up something, do it slowly. There is no need for radical switches in your diet – that won’t help either. Cut calorie drinks out of your diet till your body won’t ask for them anymore. Water is the answer. Drink water as much as you can because it will suppress hunger and help you taking in snacks between the actual meals.

Drink water

3. Eat a lot (fruits, mainly)

Let’s get something straight. You need vitamins and minerals so fruits and vegetables are crucial for your body. Go for 10 every day (at least). They will jazz up your energy and help you get all the necessary nutriments you want. Snacks, on the other hand, won’t behave as greatly with your body, though. Craving is natural, but keep it under control. If you can avoid eating cookies and resisting the sweet temptations, pick up a fruit. Yes, you can always find healthy, nutritious snacks to enjoy.

Unfortunately, you won’t only have to give up snacks, but fast food as well (however, salads have the green light). Just by giving the cold shoulder to some of these habits we got so used to over the last years, you will make huge improvements in your diet and the way your body will thank you. In a month or so, the results will start to show.



4. Relax

Losing all the bad thoughts that roar in your head all day will help you lose weight. Reduce stress by meditating at home or at a yoga centre, for example. The idea is to relax and sleep more. And when you wake up, look at the bright side of life, smile and eat a healthy breakfast to get ready for your day. If your schedule allows you to, go on a romantic getaway quick, and forget about the world for a few days.


5. Keep track

If you are serious about losing weight, you have to keep notes of what you eat and drink. You must watch your portions because this will help you know what to change or to improve in your diet. Be aware of your calories to see if you need to cut something back or if you’re on the right track. It can be some form of a journal or a diet mobile application – nothing major.

Keep track

It is very simple. Make your diet easier by giving up all the things that hold you back from feeling great, happy and healthy.


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