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How to organise a trip to Disneyland Paris?

Visiting Disneyland Paris is a trip that’s on everybody’s bucket list. It is a big event, and organising it has to be top notch so you won’t miss out anything there.

Seven official Disney-themed hotels and others with 5,800 rooms, two parks such as Park Disneyland and the Walt Disney Studios Park, and all of those 58 attractions are just a few reasons why you should definitely book a flight to Paris soon. Luckily, the resort is open every day of the year, with small time variations. Being spread over 205-acre, Disneyland was visited by 16 million people in 2012.

1. Book in advance

You can cherry-pick from a wide range of offers and discounts the resort has: multi-day tickets, annual magic passports or early booking advantages. You can always buy these online, and it is recommended to do so in order to have everything sorted out for your departure, so that when you arrive, you won’t have to worry about anything at all. Also, you will save time at the gate, but when you get there, don’t forget your passport – they will check you IDs.


2. Reserve the flight

If this is the first time you go to Paris, this trip will prove to be a bit more expensive than you might think – but it also depends on date you buy your flight. Anyway, find the best solution that suits your family, and try to avoid walking around too much and wasting precious time you could spend at Disney.
Flights to Paris

3. Choose your hotel

Here, it all depends on your budget. Spending just one night at the Disneyland hotel can go up to $1,200 and more, in the summertime. It is only 5-minute away from the parks, which is a big advantage if you’re travelling with kids under five. For other hotels around the city, you will find a room for half this price – but make sure you’re willing to go further away from the resort just to pay a smaller hotel fee. In general, if you land on Charles de Gaulle, you can catch the shuttle-bus service (VEA Navette) every 15-30 minutes to get to the resort for only 16 euros. It will take you less than an hour to get there. Another option would be to take an RER train, which is faster and gets you very close to the resort.
Disneyland Hotel

4. Seize the moment

Having everything in order before your arrival makes things run smoothly once you check-in to Disneyland. It time to enjoy and leave all the worries aside and to use a Betfred promo code. Take a map, study it and plan the most important places you want to see. You and your family have a whole day to see the Disney marvels: the Indiana Jones roller coaster, Buzz Lightyear, Space Mountain (especially Mission 2), Phantom Manor, Alice’s Curious Labyrinth, Pirates of the Caribbean.
At the Walt Disney Studio Parks, tick off the Sorcerer’s Apprentice water fountain, the 1940s Hollywood Boulevard,  Crush’s Coaster (if you love Nemo, of course), the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror to get you even more excited and the Stunt Show Spectacular. In the Disney village, you can go to the cinema (IMAX, as well), practice your golf swing, enjoy the theatre, have a drink and pamper yourself with drinks and food. It is worth mentioning that customers say that the food at Disneyland Paris is a bit pricey for what they have to offer, but options are endless: table-service restaurants, steakhouses and ice-cream vans are everywhere. Nonetheless, you won’t get disappointed if you go to eat in Adventureland, at Cafe Agrabah, at the Manhattan or Parkside Diner one.

Disney Park

5. Take a bit of Disney with you

Leaving without buying any souvenirs is impossible. Take some magical books, wands, fridge magnets home with you, although it’s hard to imagine how can you escape from this shopping situation when your kids will just beg you to buy more and more. Don’t worry, there any many gifts shops to visit. No matter how many days you’ll spend there, try to spot the Disney characters that wander around in Disney Village. All the hotels here have a daily slot when you can meet them, so keep your eyes wide open.
Disney souvenirs
This being said, now you only need to check all of these steps and get ready to take your family to a place loved and seen by many famous people already such as George W. Bush, François Mitterrand, Claudia Schiffer and Michael Jackson. And remember, maybe your next stop will be London with your kids, who knows…


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