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What sport to choose for your little girl ?

Exercising is an essential part of all children, but girls get the most benefits from playing sports. It has been studied and concluded that girls who participate in sports do better in school. Getting your daughter to take part in sporting activities early on in life will go a long way in helping her develop high self-esteem, and this will help her stay active and happy through the tough teenage years.

The following are some of the most beneficial sporting activities that you can pick for her.


Whether your child is an Olympic hopeful or a tot who enjoys tumbling, she can learn a lot from the gymnastics sport. Gymnastics teaches young girls about earning her achievements and teamwork. This sport helps your young daughter to develop coordination and grace as she grows older. Girls can start gymnastic lessons as early as eighteen months in the toddler tumbling classes and then proceed to the gymnastics by the age of three. Boring you think ? Yes man, the issue here is not finding a Unibet bonus code to bet on soccer !



Swimming is not only an excellent sporting activity but an essential life-saving skill and has other important benefits . Most young girls love nothing more than splashing in a pool, getting your daughter involved in swimming is ideal if she is a little hesitant about joining a sports team. In kids’ swimming competitions, they compete using four strokes, namely :

  • freestyle
  • backstroke
  • butterfly
  • breaststroke

Young children can also take part in the individual medley race that incorporates all 4 styles. Girls between the ages of 4 and 5 can start swimming long lengths unassisted, and this is a fun way of teaching your little girl that exercise can be fun.



Most towns have football teams, and this makes it easy to join the sport. Also, a majority of high schools have football teams, and young girls who want to take part in this game will keep playing through their teenage years. The greatest advantage of football is that many are coed, boys and girls play together, and this is beneficial because it helps them socialise.

This game is easy to pick up, and your little girl can start participating from the age of 3 years old.



Once your little girl trades up from a balance bike or tricycle, she can use a two-wheeler to move around the neighbourhood. Bicycling is fun and chances are your girl may decide to take up bicycling as a serious hobby. There are many options to choose from including mountain biking, bike racing among others.

The best age for your little girl to start learning a bike is around age 5 or 6 while some may not be ready until they reach ages 8 or 9. By taking up bicycling, she learns strategy, teamwork, endurance, fitness and balance and these attributes will be beneficial to your daughter as she grows up. Instead of staying alone in the sofa or placing bets with friends in a pub, don’t hesitate to go sometimes at the stadium with her : it would be a great experience and memory for both you and her !



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