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Video Games as Stress Management Tools

When we talk about video games, it is usually in the context of a teenager or a frat member trying their best to be antisocial or unproductive. They are seen as a form of entertainment and a bad habit that adults are expected to outgrow. Adults are generally expected to partake in other activities, like home-repair, taxes, and using what time they have left on hobbies like watching sports on TV, or playing a different kind of game online (check this out – online casinos are all the rage).

So, are there no merits to computer games? As a matter of fact, there are several benefits to playing games that are related to stress relief, and we are going to cover some of them today.


Apart from laws, there are also certain social norms that we are expected to honor at all times in order to function in the modern world. Embellishing your opinion on a subject or attending an event you have absolutely no interest in have become practices so common, that we hardly notice them anymore. It is the existence of these and many other stressors that requires venting.

After a hard day of work, general frustration, or a fight that emotionally drained you, a game or two where you kill monsters, expand your empire, partake in an adrenaline-pumped race, or fight against your best friend is a good way to charge your batteries.


Video games also provide a setting for coping and emotional growth. People learn how to deal with things that are outside their control and accept defeat as a learning experience. It is quite similar to the ideas of sportsmanship we are taught from a young age – learning how to be gracious in winning and losing is a part of the game.

Because of these lessons we are able to look inside ourselves and examine our feelings and frustrations and seek a rational way to resolve them. Not only does that mean that we can approach games as adults, but it also means that we can take this skill and apply it to other aspects of our daily lives.

Moderation and Types of Games

Of course, like many things in life, moderation is the key in using video games as a stress management tool. Playing games for several hours on end is hardly beneficial, and you must not let it interfere with other parts of your life. It is also significant to choose a proper game for dealing with stress. Violent games are okay, but rage games like Cat Mario, Flappy Bird and Getting over It are perfect examples of what not to play if you want to feel relaxed and recharged.


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